So much more than a standard mirror

Looky Here! is an app for any iOS device with a front facing camera that creates a digital mirror to show you what the camera is seeing. Using the interface, Looky Here! allows you to pinch, scroll and tap the mirror to see things you might not be able to see with a standard mirror. It also includes a built-in hold timer, to help you hold full length mirror images, and allows you to save your images or post them to your Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr account.


  • Uses the Front Facing camera on your iOS device to create a digital mirror.
  • Supports Tap anywhere to hold the mirror’s current image for closer inspection.
  • Supports Fast Task Switching functionality so its always ready when you need it.
  • Supports Pinch to Zoom of real time or held images.
  • Hold Timer! Set timer to hold the mirror image after 1 to 15 seconds.
  • Rotate the image with two fingers.
  • Built-in user guide
  • Shake phone to return the mirror to normal
  • Save, Email or Copy an image
  • Share a held image on your Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr account
  • User Interface designed to make the app fun to use!

“Just what I need for those quick checks between meetings!”

Bette, Looky Here User

Requires iOS device with front facing camera, running iOS 4.3 or later