Compare and Share your Before & After Photos and Results

BodyShot allows you to compare your Before & After photos while tracking your weight and body measurements when the photos were taken. This app lets you quickly see and share the results of your workout or dieting programs with the side-by-side Quick Fire! feature. The ease of this app keeps you motivated as you reach your ultimate goals.


  • View and compare your photos and measurements over time using the Before & After mode. Simply select a photo and then tap the compare button.
  • Quick Fire! allows quick comparisons of photos and measurements, including BMI and estimated weight lost/gained.
  • Graph your weight over time so you can visualize how your weight is changing.
  • Share your Quick Fire! and BodyShot comparison results, measurements and photos with your friends.
  • Don’t Forget! - Have BodyShot remind you when your next snapshot is due using the Simple Reminder feature.
  • Color your world! - Change the theme color to a color that gets you motivated.
  • Take photos using the built in iPhone/iPad camera, or use photos from your personal photo album.
  • Tag photos with any of your selected measurements.
  • Track any of the following body measurements over time: Waistline, weight, arm, bust, hips, thigh, abdomen, calf, neck, wrist, caliper, chest, Pecs, right/left bicep, right/left forearm, right/left thigh, right/left lower thigh, right/left calf, BMI, Body Fat, %Body Fat.
  • Supports right and left body measurements.
  • Automatically tags new photos with the current date.
  • Add personal notes to photos for future reference.
  • Built-in videos and buttons list help you explore the key features of BodyShot.
  • Set a weight goal and graph your weight against your goal.
  • Keeps track of the number of days that have passed since a photo was taken from the current date.
  • Supports US Standard or Metric measurements.
  • Calculates your BMI and Body Fat using the YMCA formula (for entertainment only).
  • Classifies your BMI based on the WHO classification system.
  • Password lock using Simple Screen Lock to keep BodyShot from being run without your permission.

“There is nothing like this on the App Store!”

Bill, BodyShot User

Requires iPhone / iPod touch running iOS 5.1 or later